The Maid of Gettysburg
The Maid of Gettysburg


In a personal tribute to the upcoming Gettysburg Address sesquicentennial Karl Rupp offers the reader a short narrative based on his grandmother’s stories. The Maid of Gettysburg will appeal to anyone from 19 to 90 interested in the cultural transition that took place over the past 50 years. Rupp draws from a rich palette of the world’s literature to create a drama that reads like a screenplay. The author creates a series of impressionistic scenes, inviting the reader’s mind to complete each picture. With one eye on William James and the other on William Golding, Rupp’s tale seeks to reconcile the relationship between skeptics and believers. Read more

About K.D. Rupp

K.D. Rupp has served in the military for over 35 years. He started wandering the Gettysburg battlefield as a young child and continues to pay his respects there from time to time. He is the father of three daughters. Mindful of how actions may be misinterpreted the author wants to avoid any appearance of improper endorsement of a particular political party... Read more

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The plan goes on to describe how the President intends to strengthen and coordinate numerous national and international institutions to achieve the above goal.
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